Is It Essential To Invest Significantly In Plant And Wildlife Preservation?

The news that wildlife is at risk seems upsetting… in the start but numbs eventually. It doesn’t matter if it is the California condors, tigers, pandas, mountain gorillas, or the coral reefs.Is worrying about them worth it? Certainly! If cute pandas vanished, we will feel sad, but we don’t depend on them. Nevertheless, it is extremely crucial to care about humans rather than spending millions on animal preservatioThe aesthetic value of beautiful nature is worth it, so some prefer that it needs to be preserved just like paintings and architecture. However, some people don’t connect with animals or plants, which are plain obscure, ugly, or smelly.In Western countries, tigers are preserved because they look nice. In rural India, they are not welcome because tigers are a threat to their family. You can see that every person has their likes and dislikes, but there is a need for practical reason to conserve endangered wildlife.Practical reasons to invest in wildlife preservation

Nature offers myriads of ‘Ecosystem Services’

The bio-prospecting process includes exploring nature to discover useful commercial products. New medicines can get discovered without trekking 寵物去新西蘭 dangerous miles in the jungle with the dim hope of uncovering a miracle plant species.Besides, there is the issue of local people who are already familiar with the medicinal plant uses and don’t like strangers trying to designate them. The other dilemma is what happens to those species, which are not useful. For example, the Mountain Gorillas blood is impossible to hold a therapeutic use for cancer. Fortunately, biologists revealed in 1990 that the plants and animals benefit humans by being there.Strong Ecotourism Preserving wildlife is not ‘Nature for itself’, but can be morally regarded to be ‘Nature for people’ due to the concept of ecosystem services.

Keeps ecosystem stable and resilient

You cannot separate a couple of wildlife species from the wider network. If you wipe a single species there may not be an issue or it can trigger a domino effect that can change the whole ecosystem.Prediction is hard! You can find out if you allow the species to vanish only to find it is very late for reversing the situation. Conservation of the forest is not just saving the wild species, but it ensures regular water supply. We have experienced weather fluctuations. Too much rain means floods, and too less defines a drought. Both are life-threatening. The trees on hills ensure a reliable freshwater supply for people residing on lowlands. Forests need to be stable and resilient. According to ecologists, ecosystems with a wide range of plant and animal species are stable and strong. They are less susceptible to unexpected die-backs. For example, a small vague worm is not helpful to humans but possibly supports the ecosystem that provides valuable services.